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RAM 2500 4Inch BDS Lift Kit

Hi guys. Ben Davis here from Trucks and Toys. Today I just want to show you through a GVM upgrade we’re doing here to RAM 2500 trucks. With the airbag replacement, rear end.

So one thing we’re finding here with the RAM 2500 trucks. The GVM 4490 is your payload around 900 kilos. A lot of people buying these trucks at the moment are doing it for a couple reasons. Either they carry a fair bit of weight, or to tow really big caravans and accessorise the car. So, weight’s starting to become an issue.

This customer for example, he’s got pull ball in the front, long range fuel tank, tows a big caravan, he’s getting right up to his limits of GVM. So, he prefers to make this a bit more legal and give it a higher GVM.

Main way we’re doing this at the moment is Kelderman rear suspension. So this is a full replacement airbag. It’s not airbag assist, like some do think. This is full replacement. So this is a nice, big, strong truck Firestone airbag. As you can see here, this is a Kelderman bracketry go with this airbag that makes it a direct bolt-in replacement. Easy to fit. Pull the rear core springs out. Put this airbag in place. Put self-levelling valves on each side that no matter what weight you put in or take out, it will automatically go to right height, whatever we set that at.

You do have a dump button function, so if you are loading or unloading, or loading up a trolley, you can hit the dump button which goes all the way to the bump stops. But as soon as you start driving or hit the button again, it will come up to right height, which is a nice safety feature.

So that basically gives you a GVM at this stage of at least 500 kilos. We’re trying to get to 700 kilos there which will give most people that extra bit of weight and make them safe and legal whilst driving, towing their big caravans, et cetera.

Another thing with the Ram 2400 is the factory shocks are not great, especially when you start adding weight, especially these are a heavy vehicle as well. Most of you will find as you start doing any rough road driving or towing while carrying large weights, those shocks do lost their shocking capabilities quite quickly. We’ve got two options basically we’re running, we recommend. So, we’ve got the Bilsteins. They’re a great all around shock, especially for the price. These shocks are great for people doing mostly tire driving with a little bit of rough back country roads whilst carrying the weight. They work really well and have really good reports from customers on those ones.

The most popular one we’re doing at the moment, and this is like the duck’s nuts so to speak of shocks, this is the Fox two and a half inch remote reservoir. This is great for people who want to do corrugation and really outback driving with all their weight on their vehicle. It’s pretty much like a lifetime shock, these, because after about 60,000 Ks of rough driving, they’re fully rebuildable. So once you start noticing the shock difference in the drive, we can get these fully rebuilt for you and they’re back at brand new. So they’re really popular at the moment.

So basically a run through guys, that’s a GVM upgrade for the Ram 2500s. Kelderman rear suspension with self-levelling valves on each corner. Better shocks. And you’re right to go to carry that extra weight. Tow the big vans. Put all the accessories on the trucks you’d like to and still be well within the legal requirements of your GVM. Any more information, just contact us here at Trucks and Toys and I’ll be happy to talk you through it.

Hi guys. Ben Davis from Trucks N Toys. I’m just going to show you the build coming out of the door this week. This guy’s from Townsville. It’s just come in. We’ll start at the front. Trial ready full guard bar, as usual, its got the park sensors, the driving lights. He’s opted for the 30 inch Rigid Industries light bar, and the Warn winch, and the synthetic rope.

We also fitted the Method 18 inch wheels with 35 inch Mickey Thompson, ATZ P3 tires, so these are a great tire these ones. If you have a look under the guard here though, we’re trying some new progressive rate springs here for the RAM so these are 50 mil higher, with the 2 and a half inch Fox Shocks so it’s going to improve the ride dramatically on this one.

AV snorkel air intake, we got the towing mirrors, so these ones are the factory ones that suit the RAMs. Now to the back, again we got Fox Shocks in the rear, big one on this one though is gonna be Kelderman rear suspension. So it replaces the screens, puts the airbags in place and again capable to go another ton of carrying capacity with a genuine upgrade on that system.

Trailer ready rear bar, so nice again, solid steel bar same as the front, LED reverse lights, parking sensors and finally, he’s gone for the Gen-Y hitch, the Torsion hitch so nice strong hitches[inaudible 00:01:14] caravan. So all in all this should be an improved setup, he’s coming back shortly we’re just going to do the merryhood bonnet to finish it off and a U8 shift and an ariel which we didn’t get time this week. But again, a great little build going out the door this week really set up well for his travelling around the country. Lucky guy, he’s going for about a year I think he’s travelling around so getting the car setup ready for his travels.

RAM 3500 Upgrades

Ben Davis from Trucks and Toys, just gonna show this Leer canopy we just fitted to this Dodge Ram. As you can see on the sides, it’s got two doors- two windows rather, one on both sides. This one’s got full roof racks been fitted to it. We come around to the back, this one’s got a great new feature, which is called the Leer Locker. Open that, open the tail gate. I don’t know if you can see but there is a Leer Locker that sits in the top. Push the button, it slides down and you can put all of your accessories up there like your guns, or your hats, or clothing. Whatever you like, keep it off the floor and not get it dirty. Simple just push and roll, goes back in place. So there’s the new Leer canopy we just fitted. If you want any more information visit the website:

Ben Davis from Trucks N Toys. Another nifty little accessory I’m going to show you here for the Dodge Rams is the AMP Research bed step. Neatly tucked here under the back bumper. A slight push of the foot, it drops down. Now these American vehicles are quite high, these trucks. The [inaudible 00:00:19], the Chev, the Ford, and the Dodge Ram. So it’s quite high for a lot of people to get into. With the addition of the step, you can easily reach into the back of your vehicle. Or, if you get in there entirely and pull that down, it’s quite high for you to climb into. But with the bed step, it’s actually quite easy.

It’s a nice little neat part. AMP Research again, same as the electric side steps. And once you’ve finished, simply just give it a nudge and it tucks up out of the way. It’s another accessory here at Trucks N Toys we provided. If you need any more information, come have a look at us at

Hi, it’s Ben Davis from Trucks N Toys. Today I’m just going to show you through a light bar that we just fitted to this vehicle. 2014 Dodge RAM. This customer in particular didn’t want a nudge bar or a bull bar on the front, he wanted to get that clean look but with the light bar fitted which was a challenge for us at Trucks N Toys cause on the 2013 models up they’ve got the inner cooler sits down below here so this is where a normal hole sits, we didn’t want to block that and keep his tow points so the challenge was to get this light bar to fit.

We’ve cut into the original bar and fitted this nice little trim, strip around the outside and made a bracket to sit this bar in. It’s quite a bit of work needed but I think the boys did a great job here at Trucks N Toys. I think this customer will be happy with his light bar. This is a 280 watt light bar, nice and big, one of the biggest ones we could get to fit. As you can see it’s just another accessory we do here at Trucks N Toys to try and make the customers happy. If you want any more information about any accessories we do visit us at

Welcome to Trucks and Toys. I’m going to show you on the vehicle, a set of Bushwhacker flares, tires and wheels that we’re now fitting. You’ll notice the changes with a set of wheels and flares on it. It gives more of a more of a slick look and really suits these trucks well.

Firstly, the Bushwhacker flares, these are just a monotone flare that took the place of the original one. These bolts that you see here, they’re just for show only, the appearance. They don’t actually bolt through the body of the guard of the vehicle. So there’s no damage or paint work required. They simply just bolt on, screw on where the original flares go, so it’s a nice, easy install. No damage to your original guard.

Also, the wheels and tires. They’re 20″ size tires. Tires been running at 305/55/R20s. Its common tires we’ve been running. We don’t try and go any more beyond that on that type of vehicle. It ensures the ride will be a little rough, so there ought to be a lot of meat on the tire. You also want to make sure when you’re purchasing wheels and tires for this truck, there’s a lot of cheap wheels.

With the wider base trucks they’ve pretty heavy, maybe you want to be safe [when sharing rides 00:01:19]. One way to tell, on the back there will be a white writing stamp on the back of it, so that’s one way to tell. Also, written on the tires, there’s a load rating written so you can tell if it’s a match to suit your truck.

These are a Mickey Thompson all terrain tire, quite common in a lot of our customers. Very good wearing on the road and also very quiet as well. They look quite aggressive, but they’re not a mud tire. Also, those wheels are XD series wheels which set the truck off quite well. As, you can see, I’ll show a picture of a standard truck as well. This set of wheels, flares, and tires changes the appearance of the truck. It’s pretty popular a lot of our customers. If you want anymore information about this, visit us at or feel free to give us a call.

Hi it’s Ben Davis from TrucksNToys. Today I’m just going to show you through some accessories that we fit here that are which is the [inaudible 00:00:12] side steps. As you can see on this, 2014 Dodge Ram, doesn’t look like it’s got anything there until you open the door and the side steps drop down.

As you’ll notice, as you shut the door again, they fold back away. I don’t know if you can tell by the video, there’s a couple of lights that shine down underneath so that the side steps at night are visible. Another neat thing, is if you shut the door and stand on them, they lock and it’ll stay open for you, so that’s handy for is you wanna wash…you gotta stand on the side steps to wash your roof as these are nice and big trucks.

And then to reset them, open the door, close it again, and that’ll [inaudible 00:00:54]. As you can see on the truck, it doesn’t [inaudible 00:00:57] side steps. They tuck away right under the sill, so there’s no chance of hitting them or damaging them. [inaudible 00:01:04] nice [inaudible 00:01:04] for the truck. So, if you need anymore information about any accessories, visit us at

Just going to have a look at a Dodge Ram Rambox Cargo Management System.

Sort of lay it in front of the cab, just under the handle. You’ll see it pulls out. You can use it at the back for a bed extender. Simple to use. Simple handle just clips over on each side and it’s in place. Perfect for the use of motorbikes or anything you want to extend the length of your tub for.

Just undo the handles here, and you’ll also know inside the tub itself it swaps down inside. That’s so you can put things in the back of your tub that you don’t want sliding forward or back. You place them here. Bring this up on the inside, line it up from side to side in the slots and simply just snap the handles closed, turn the handle a little, and it’s locked in place.

It also has a clear function on the handle that you can lock down so nobody can come and steal the cargo. So, undo the handle, pull it back out, and when you’re finished, simply just put it back to the front of the tub. Close it up, done. Locked away. Ready for use another day. Simple. There you go.

Kelderman Alpha Series

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