Bushwacker Flares Wheels and Tyres

Welcome to Trucks and Toys. I’m going to show you on the vehicle, a set of Bushwhacker flares, tires and wheels that we’re now fitting.

You’ll notice the changes with a set of wheels and flares on it. It gives more of a more of a slick look and really suits these trucks well.


Firstly, the Bushwhacker flares, these are just a monotone flare that took the place of the original one. These bolts that you see here, they’re just for show only, the appearance. They don’t actually bolt through the body of the guard of the vehicle. So there’s no damage or paint work required. They simply just bolt on, screw on where the original flares go, so it’s a nice, easy install. No damage to your original guard.


Also, the wheels and tires. They’re 20″ size tires. Tires been running at 305/55/R20s. Its common tires we’ve been running. We don’t try and go any more beyond that on that type of vehicle. It ensures the ride will be a little rough, so there ought to be a lot of meat on the tire. You also want to make sure when you’re purchasing wheels and tires for this truck, there’s a lot of cheap wheels.


With the wider base trucks they’ve pretty heavy, maybe you want to be safe [when sharing rides 00:01:19]. One way to tell, on the back there will be a white writing stamp on the back of it, so that’s one way to tell. Also, written on the tires, there’s a load rating written so you can tell if it’s a match to suit your truck.


These are a Mickey Thompson all terrain tire, quite common in a lot of our customers. Very good wearing on the road and also very quiet as well. They look quite aggressive, but they’re not a mud tire. Also, those wheels are XD series wheels which set the truck off quite well. As, you can see, I’ll show a picture of a standard truck as well. This set of wheels, flares, and tires changes the appearance of the truck. It’s pretty popular a lot of our customers. If you want anymore information about this, visit us at www.trucksntoys.com.au or feel free to give us a call.