What Are my Build Options?

Trucks'N'Toys is one of the most experienced and passionate RAM distributors in Australia.

With decades of collective experience in selling, repairing, and customising, Trucks'N'Toys is far more than a mere RAM distributor; we're able to customise RAM trucks to perfectly match the dreams of our customers. Here, we'll explain our customisation process and how we're able to customise your RAM truck. 


Any customisation process will begin with a consultation. We'll sit down with you and discuss exactly what you want to do. If they've got ideas or plans for their RAM truck, we help them through that. 

We'll work with you and consider all the different options so that we can achieve whatever outcome you desire. 

What Can We Do? 

We at Trucks'N'Toys can do a wide range of customisations on your RAM truck. Whether it's a basic change; such as changing your set of wheels, or if it's more complicated and requires changes around suspension, all bars, long-range fuel tanks, or full canopies. 

So, whether you have an idea that's big or small, the passionate team at Trucks'N'Toys has the experience necessary to bring your dream RAM truck to life. 

The Trucks'N'Toys team has a wealth of experience in RAM truck customisation. Whether you have a minor or major change in mind, speak to our passionate team at Trucks'N'Toys about making this dream a reality. 


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