Torsion Drop Hitch – 2″ – 7,000kg

///Torsion Drop Hitch – 2″ – 7,000kg

Torsion Drop Hitch – 2″ – 7,000kg

$1,650.00 incl. GST

Gen-Y Torsion Flex-Hitch 2″

Class V, 7,000kg, One up/3 down (2.5″ Rise, 5″ drop) – 4 Position/4 Tongue

With 50/70mm Ball & Pintle

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The Gen-Y 7,000kg Adjustable Torsion Drop Hitch has a 2″ receiver and is rated for 7,000kg towing. The Torsion Drop Hitch is the best hitch for ultimate control and safety while towing. It will adapt to any bumper style trailer on the market including pintle style couplings.


  • Includes Two Pins, Versa-Ball Mount (2″ & 2 516“), and Pintle Lock
  • Drop/Raise Range: 5″ to 7 12
  • Fabricated with Heavy Duty Steel
  • Heavy Duty Rubber Torsion Flex Cords, Eliminates Shock Transfer
  • 2-Steel 1″ Grade 8 Pivot Bolts
  • Precision Milled and Drilled
  • Easy One Pin Adjustment
  • No Airbag to Maintain, No Bearings to Crush or Wear Out, Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Built-In Mechanical Tongue Weight Scale for Balanced Safe Loading
  • 7,000kg Towing


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