Adjustable Tow Hitch – 5″ Drop

///Adjustable Tow Hitch – 5″ Drop

Adjustable Tow Hitch – 5″ Drop

$490.00 incl. GST

Gen-Y Drop Hitch – 5″ drop – 3 Position/3 Tongue

2″ Class V Hitch rated at 4,500kg

Comes with a 50mm Ball – DOES NOT COME WITH PINTLE HOOK

Can opt for a 50/70mm ball combo – this price of this with the Tow Hitch is $620.00

Also comes in the 10″ Drop (5 Position/5 Tongue) and 12.5″ Drop (6 Position/6 Tongue) – Please call our office if you are interested in one of these 02 9652 2056

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The possibilities are endless with the Gen-Y dual-receiver hitch designed for RVers, off-roaders or serious outdoorsmen. Dual receivers results in options for multiple applications at the same time such as using one of the top positions for a bike rack or spare tire and the lower positions for towing a trailer. Other options would be to use a bike rack on top and tow bar on the bottom or having a spare tyre rack in the top position and using a cargo carrier in the bottom position.  Therefore, it is a great choice for any full-size vehicle or RV and can be used with any standard 2″ ball mount, luggage rack, motorcycle carrier, cargo rack, etc.

Additional information

Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 35 x 31 x 9 cm


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