Dodge Ram Vehicle Conversion Sydney Testimonials

Simon’s choice of a Dodge Ram over a Ford truck

I have had the pleasure of owning my 2014 Ram Larame Mega Cab for the last couple of months and I would like to tell potential Trucks N Toys clients about the whole experience!

Firstly it’s a big thing to spend a six figure number on a converted vehicle so you want to make sure you get it right first time!  I put a lot of time into researching the vehicle itself and I looked at Ford F350, Chev Silverado/GMC and Ram.

My brief centred around I like to go bush and I have five growing sons so I needed a vehicle that was tough, comfortable and big enough to fit the six of us.    I already had an F 250 that was a good vehicle but not a great vehicle and a Landcruiser 200 Series Sahara so idea was to get rid of both and buy something big, tough with Sahara like comfort…

A Ford F 250/350 was first port of call but to be honest a new one wasn’t much different from my 2003 model.  Interior was nice but finish was ordinary and it did not have the room I needed.  If you buy a big truck you expect room in the back seat which the F Truck didn’t have and same with Chev/GMC equivalent. Also, they are not strong for example if I did a u turn over uneven ground you could hear it twist and flex.  Have a look on YouTube there are plenty of US tests driving these things up ramps and it is unbelievable how much even the new ones flex due to lack of strength. I just could not justify the spend on a new Ford…

Then I came across the Ram.  Mega Cab was the perfect solution me being 6’5” with five sons looking they are going to be as tall if not taller combined with a Cummins diesel.  Interior is absolute quality and similar to what you would get in a Sahara or any top level vehicle.  The Mega Cab gives you the room you need and nothing else goes near it.

So while choosing the vehicle is a very important step I believe the most important step is the next decision and that is how are you going to get it in your driveway in Australia with the conversion done?  I have recently purchased an aircraft in the US and been through the purchase and shipping process to Australia so I knew what was ahead of me and with this in mind I did not want to go through it again…  Word of warning if you want to go through this process of shipping make sure you have plenty of time and contacts in the US!

I began speaking to people who could get me a new Ram and do the conversion.  This was an eye opener and if you are not switched on or have not done the homework lookout because if you make the wrong decision it will cost you money.

The first guy I spoke to I met and had a look at a Ram he had recently converted and was for sale.  Something just did not seem right and I am pretty anal on some things and it looked strange as he had a 2013 model with the large Uconnect centre screen for navigation, controlling climate, the stereo etc.  But he was driving around a capital city with a little Tom Tom GPS stuck on the windscreen. I thought it was a waste having a sensational nav system in a vehicle worth $130k+ and relying on an aftermarket unit.  I asked the question and answer back was “I am not sure how to get the software updated and navigation is inoperable unless you are in the US!”

Not the answer I was looking for!

So I asked around more and with some internet research Trucks N Toys kept on popping up.  So I called Ben and told him what I wanted and I instantly liked the way he went about things.  The navigation issue was discussed and Ben told me the units are sent back to the US and loaded with software for Australia so the system can be used. He explained the details of their conversations and it was pretty obvious this guy took pride in what he does and it was all about the end result.  Also being a family owned low volume business gave me comfort by not being just a number in a large sausage factory.

Ben worked with me to find the right vehicle it was just as the 2014 models were being proposed with the 2500 having the new coils all round which was another reason to go with a Ram.  Once the vehicle was sorted we ordered it and Ben kept me in the loop as it was manufactured and shipped.

While this was going on I bombarded him with calls and e-mails about options for rims, tyres, bars, winches fuel tanks etc!  Nothing was ever too much trouble he had some great suggestions and we worked out what I wanted and he made sure it all came together.

When the truck arrived at his workshop I went over and met Ben, Iva and John.  There were no surprises there everything was as I thought great workshop with an excellent group of skilled people working on my truck.  Ben explained the process and it was great to see other trucks in various stages of conversion and I urge people to go and have a look so you can see firsthand that the conversion is a massive task.  But it can be made less massive by cutting corners so cheap conversion = dodgy conversion!  The guys there explain their attention to detail and it made me feel very glad I had made the descent to deal with Trucks N Toys.

The transfer was made easy dealing with Iva and it was stress free.  Ben has been great I had a few post-delivery questions which he was more than happy to deal with.  You always wonder with any purchase if once you have handed the money over how high the care factor remains but I can assure you the after sales service is spot on.  I am over a 1000 km away from their workshop in Dural but this made no difference the guys were always available on the phone and kept me posted with photos throughout the whole process.

So in a nutshell the Ram itself is an awesome machine and nothing else can go near it.  The service and the whole process was fantastic at Truck N Toys and I can highly recommend them and if you want to talk to me direct about the process please call.

One last point while my experience was great on the flip side when you see how much work goes into making the process smooth it could be a horrendous and very expensive exercise if you deal with the wrong people.

Plenty of “cheap” conversions out there and the Ram is a great product but it is only as good as the conversion it goes through!

Cheers Simon.

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A Dodge Ram upgrade for some caravanning

My wife and I upgraded our caravan in  2013 and we discovered that when the van was loaded our 200 Series Landcruiser did not perform. We consequently decided that we required a more suitable tow vehicle to ensure we were complying with road rules and that our insurance would not be invalidated if an unforeseen event occurred.

Consequently we decided to purchase a Dodge RAM. We contacted at least 10 different businesses that imported and converted Dodge vehicles. During this process and evaluating what was offered by each business it was apparent to us that the overall package provided by Trucks N Toys met our needs. Our decision was not based on price alone but the fact that Trucks N Toys were the only business that offered a 10 year conversion warranty and were happy to answer any questions that we raised and were also a family business who took pride in their product.

We obviously purchased a Dodge RAM from Trucks N Toys and are very happy with the quality of the conversion . In addition we received calls from  John, Ben & Iva inquiring if all was well with the vehicle, their aftersales service has been extremely good.

Wherever we go people comment of the RAM and we have no hesitation in showing them the vehicle, surprising them with the fuel economy (better than the Landcruiser) and absolutely recommending Trucks N Toys as the top supplier of converted Dodges.

Kerry Taylor



Joe and Marlene’s experience with Trucks N Toys

Some years ago, we had purchased a Dodge Ram without mirror image conversion and we found this conversion was not practical.

When looking at purchasing our new Dodge Ram we had heard of other conversion businesses and outlets, however on contact they left us very shy and unsure of their business.

We decided to have our vehicle converted from TNT because our initial contact with John at the Mudgee Field Day excited us to follow through with our dream. Our invitation to the TNT workshop to view their professional conversion practices further reassuring us.

We found TNT to be very professional and friendly and our ongoing communication and access to all staff working at TNT has been great. When contacting TNT, our questions were always answered in a very timely professional manner. We never felt shunned off or made to feel our questions were not important. All of our ongoing requests for additional accessories from USA is never a bother or hassle to TNT staff.

Words cannot express how excited we were the day we picked up our dodge. The conversion is exceptional. Everything has been professionally installed. This vehicle is my dream come true!!!  All detail is addressed in TNT after service, even the most insignificant details are fixed.

I would, and do, highly recommend TNT to everyone who admires (and that’s lots) my new Dodge!!

It makes one feel very proud!!

Thank You to All at Trucks and Toys

Joe and Marlene




An extract from  Customer “Marcus Owen”

NEWS FLASH: Meet The Beast

“After a night of next to no sleep due to rising anxiety levels, I flew up to Sydney early this morning to pick up the new truck herein to be known simply as ‘The Beast’.

Thankfully it all went off without a hitch and the great folk (John, Karen, Ben & Iva) at Trucks ‘N’ Toys made sure I was well sorted before sending me on my way. A friendlier bunch of consummate professionals you couldn’t imagine.”


And a small extract from Marcus’ most recent email:

“Our trip continues to be an unbelievable adventure and The Beast as the Ram has been nick named is running faultlessly. I’ve managed to spot a few others on the road, but none that I’ve thought to be impressive as ours.”

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Testimonial received August, 2012

“I have seen many conversions of American motor cars and have been very unsure of their quality.  My assessment has been that there is possibly only two or three converters in Australia worth considering.  Their conversions appear to be good but so does their price point.

I was recommended to use John Davis of Trucks N Toys and chose to visit him in Sydney and meet him and his son Ben personally.  After seeing one of their second hand Dodge trucks that had been converted I was impressed with the outcome, but more impressed with the quality of the people I was dealing with.  I chose to be the first person to have a new 2011 Dodge Ram Laramie converted by John and Ben.  I guess you could say I was the “guinea pig”.

The conversion was the first and naturally you would expect there to be a learning curve and delivery took a little longer than hoped for, and we experienced difficulties with the dashboard from the then current chosen supplier.  However I think that this is a very important point for anyone choosing to use Trucks N Toys, and that is that John Davis was never prepared to take a short cut and changed suppliers of the dashboard, until he got it right and I was satisfied with the outcome.  John’s price to me was better than the other two or three convertors I thought worthy of consideration in the buying process.  However, John was prepared to spend the extra money and time to get the conversion right.

Since taking delivery of the Dodge Ram Laramie 3500 I have had a couple of small problems that I have taken to my normal garage to be repaired and John Davis has stood by that and worked with my mechanic to get those items right and also paid the cost of doing this.

I must say that I deal with many people in business and find that when the crunch comes few of them are honourable and deliver on what they have promised, however the strength of Trucks N Toys is the character and the integrity of John Davis and his son.

I have no hesitation in recommending the quality of their conversion and their commitment to the outcome and the product they deliver.

I am also happy to accept any telephone enquiries and happy for anyone who wants to have a look at my Dodge Ram, based in Melbourne, before purchasing.”


Chris Malcolm – Managing Directordodge ram conversions sydney


T:  +61 3 8727 9999   E:


Pete Small and his Dodge Ram

dodge ram conversion
“I decided to go out and see Trucks N Toy’s as they were recommended to me by a friend.

After viewing the workshop and the quality of their work and conversion I was sold! What I really noticed was the little extras that they do in their conversions. It is those extra things that sold me when I decided to have my conversion done by Trucks N Toys.

Trucks N Toys have provided me with a lot of after sales support. The staff always give me their time which I really appreciate.

I am over the moon with my Dodge Ram, the conversion is quality, it drives great and looks factory made! Trucks N Toys certainly take pride in their work.

I would recommend Trucks N Toys to anyone and everyone interested in buying a Dodge Ram or really just anyone interested in having an American vehicle converted. You won’t be disappointed…….”

Peter Small – Owner – Small’s Powerpoles and Linework


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