Dodge Ram Conversion – LHD to RHD Conversions

We have over 30 years experience in the motor vehicle industry. With our extensive knowledge we are producing quality right hand drive conversions. We are a Registered Automotive Workshop (RAW).

We pride ourselves on producing quality products with after sales support, 3 year extended manufacturer’s warranty and a 10 year conversion warranty.

Our business is a family business operated by John and Ben Davis. John Davis formerly owner of highly successful automotive centre John E. Davis Motor Works, has decades of experience in the conversion of imported vehicles, previously specialising in Range Rover and Chevrolet Camaro.

John provided modified vehicles to the Ruler of the United Arab Emirates in the form of stretch Range Rovers for over 15 years. He has also manufactured a vehicle named ‘Bushranger’ which is a high performance off road four wheel drive.

Our conversions are completed to an extremely high level. All the little things are done to make our conversions the complete package. Once you own one of our vehicles there is nothing else to do, just sit in and drive. It will feel like the vehicle was manufactured in Australia. The below list details ‘SOME’ of the added benefits we include in our conversions that not all conversion businesses offer.

These include but a certainly not limited to:

  • Floor pan modified for increased foot room due to exhaust modifications – Due to where the exhaust runs, there is a hump in the foot well on the RHS which causes there to be limited foot room. At Trucks N Toys we modify the exhaust and have a new floor pan panel made to allow for a lot more room for your feet whilst driving to give you that extra comfort.
  • Main window switch buttons work correct windows – Due to the new Dodge Ram having a Can Bus electrical system, changing the driver’s door main window and side mirror switches to operate the correct sides is quite difficult. Trucks N Toys have gone to the effort of having new electrical circuit boards made just to get our switches operating correctly.
  • Dodge Rams are completed with a wheel alignment with centric adjustable ball joint fitted to give correct caster and camber to suit Australian Roads – As the Dodge Ram is made for the USA and therefore to be driven on the LHS of the road, the caster and camber is all wrong to be driven on the Australian RHS due to the fall of the roads. Trucks N Toys don’t just get a standard wheel alignment done. We fit a new centric adjustable ball joint to make your Dodge Ram drive like it was meant for Australian roads.
  • Dodge Ram Front door locks are switched so that the driver’s side door now has a key option – The Dodge Ram Laramie and Longhorn models only come with a key lock option on the LHS door handle. Trucks N Toys made sure this is changed to the driver’s side (RHS). This is an example of the little touches that we do to make your Dodge Ram feel like it was built from the factory for RHD.
  • Dodge Ram dash top is leather stitched – As the Dodge Ram Laramie and Longhorn models come with a stitched leather dash top, we feel that your RHD dash should have nothing less than the same quality and this comes standard with Trucks N Toys RHD dashes. We can even supply this to your ST and SLT models if desired.
  • Both top and bottom glove boxes operate correctly on your Dodge Ram (some converters eliminate the top glove box) – Once again, the Dodge Ram comes standard with two glove boxes so our RHD dashes also have two glove boxes. At Trucks N Toys we believe our conversions are as mirror image as possible.
  • Complete mirror image steering with same lock to lock as factory with heavy duty new pan hard rod for RHD (right hand drive) – At Trucks N Toys we genuinely believe we have the best steering conversion going around. John Davis has used his years of experience in the extreme vehicle modifications to perfect the steering as if it was made RHD from the factory. No bevel boxes or cross shafts or the like have been used. We have a new steering box on the inside of the right hand chassis rail and have had a new adjustable pan hard rod made that suits the Ram’s original pan hard rod’s brushes. We have the new Dodge Rams steering as good as the factory and challenge you to see if you can notice any difference.
  • Driver and passenger air bags are retained and activated – All the original air bags have been retained and operational the same as the factory LHD Dodge Ram.
  • We carry a wide range of accessories for Dodge Ram 1500, Dodge Ram 2500 and Dodge Ram 3500
  • Position of high/low range switch can be moved to driver’s side (this is an option which can be chosen at no extra charge)
  • We take pride in our work and do not hand over a vehicle without a full vehicle detail
  • Dodge Rams come complete with rear air conditioning and heating
  • Original drivers side seat electrics have been retained and are used on RH driver’s side – The driver’s seat (LHS) has additional functions to the passenger (RHS) like memory and seat base adjustment. Trucks N Toys make sure your RHD Dodge Ram has these functions on your Driver’s seat. Once again we believe it’s all these little things we do that makes all the difference with your Dodge Ram conversion.

If you are interested in purchasing a Dodge Ram or Ford Mustang, we are proud of our workmanship. Feel free to come to our workshop in Dural and we would be more than happy to step you through our conversion process. Showing you personally the extra benefits of a Trucks N Toys vehicle conversion, WILL be the difference in why you will purchase one of our American vehicle conversions.

Not all vehicle modifiers do the little extra things that make your vehicle feel and drive like it was manufactured in Australia. THIS IS THE PART OF OUR BUSINESS WE PRIDE OURSELVES ON.

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