If I purchase a Dodge Ram in America, how can I get it back to Australia?


Trucks N Toys does not just convert your Dodge Ram. We also source the vehicle for you and bring it into Australia. If you have purchased your Dodge Ram in America, Trucks N Toys can handle the import into Australia on your behalf. Trucks N Toys are fully insured. Our insurance starts from the time the vehicle is picked up from the dealer up until the vehicle is handed over to the customer. So your vehicle is covered for any damage after it is picked up from the dealer or if the ship sinks! If you have any questions in relation to importing a Dodge Ram or any other American vehicle please give us a call.

Where can I get accessories or spare parts for a service for my Dodge Ram?


Trucks N Toys offers a large range of accessories and fast moving spare parts for your Dodge Ram. Please see our accessories page for some of the accessories we offer to spruce up/personalise your Dodge Ram. Items such as oil filters, fuel filters, air filters, fan belts & brake pads are kept in stock. We also have weekly shipments so if we don’t have your item in stock, or you are after an unusual item we can get it for you quickly.

What after sales support does Trucks N Toys offer to customers?


At Trucks N Toys we offer a 10 year conversion warranty and a 3 year extended manufacturer’s warranty. Our friendly staff are happy to answer any questions you may have about your Dodge Ram even after it is in your possession. At Trucks N Toys we are very conscious of our customers and always follow up to ensure you are happy with your vehicle.

Do I have to pay luxury car tax on my purchase of a Dodge Ram?


No, generally LCT is not payable on a Dodge Ram. The main principal purpose of the vehicles is to carry goods not passengers and they are therefore exempt from LCT.

Is the Dodge Ram fuel efficient?


Contrary to popular belief the Dodge Ram is actually a fuel efficient vehicle, when compared to its size, horsepower and towing capabilities.

The 6.7 litre Cummings Diesel motor is a very powerful motor in comparison to the vehicle size. As such normal motoring is done at extremely low revs, thus saving fuel.

When using the Dodge Ram for towing heavy loads such as horse floats, trailers and caravans, this is where you really notice the fuel efficiency due to the motor working at a lower rev than its rival vehicles.

Do I need a special drivers licence to drive a Dodge Ram in Australia?


A normal driver’s licence is required for the Dodge Ram 2500 and under. You will require a Light Rigid (LR) licence to drive the Dodge Ram 3500 and over, however these can be down rated. Once down rated these can be driven with a normal driver’s licence.

What are the towing capabilities of a Dodge Ram?


The Dodge Ram 3500 is rated to tow 4.5ton from the tow ball and up to a whopping 8.5ton from a fifth wheel hitch. The Dodge Ram comes standard with an electric brake controller, tow/haul gearbox mode and exhaust brakes. With a 6.7L Cummins Turbo Diesel the Ram tows with ease and comfort. At Trucks N Toys we believe the Dodge Ram is the ultimate towing vehicle.

Is the conversion a mirror image conversion?


Yes, our conversion is a complete mirror image steering conversion with same lock to lock as factory. At Trucks N Toys we genuinely believe we have the best steering conversion going around. John Davis has used his years of experience in the extreme vehicle modifications to perfect the steering as if it was made RHD from the factory. No bevel boxes or cross shafts or the like have been used. We have a new steering box on the inside of the right hand chassis rail and have had a new adjustable pan hard rod made that suits the Ram’s original pan hard rod’s brushes. We have the new Dodge Rams steering as good as the factory and challenge you to see if you can notice any difference.

How long does the conversion process usually take?


The conversion process for your Dodge Ram or Ford Mustang will take no more than two months to complete.

How long will it take for my vehicle to arrive in Australia from the U.S?


From the time your Dodge Ram or Ford Mustang is purchased, allow six weeks for your vehicle to be in our workshop.

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